• Haris has helped us open new business units by attracting some big names into Executive positions. We enjoy working with him because he combines a relaxed approach with the right network. We don’t require additional funds but if we did, we know we could approach him to make deal connections because our collaboration has revealed just how deep his connections are in capital markets.

    Partner, UK based family wealth fund

  • James and Haris have helped us strengthen our business by attracting multiple board members with strengths in Governance and Financing which is helping us navigate rapid growth and gain new avenues to capital.

    CEO, North America

  • James gave me my first career break when he placed me with the Star Energy Group. Since then, I have turned to James on numerous occasions to help me head-hunt key personnel. Later, as CFO of InfraStrata plc, I retained James to help me build my finance team. I was very impressed with the list of high quality candidates that he put together. I also retained James in my search for a plc Chairman of the Board.

    One of James' key personal attributes is the time he takes to understand what the client is looking for in a candidate. He challenges pre-existing notions and offers not only a robust list of candidates but also sound counsel and advice. His network runs deep in the industry and his database is extensive. I was particularly impressed with his ability to head-hunt senior level and C-suite executives.

    Arun Raman

    Board member, Infrasrata plc

  • I have used James and his team to source numerous candidates for national and expat roles for our company. The quality of candidates and service that James supplies is always of the highest standard,  and his service and client base is second to none. James’ impressive knowledge of the mining industry only enhances his ability to match potential candidates to our needs, which has resulted in great results for us as a company.

    Dave Jackson

    VP Finance, Endeavour Mining plc

  • The pool for Project Finance here in Canada was known to me already and somewhat finite so we took the decision to engage with a company in London. Extractive Search came highly recommended and did not disappoint. After a global search and much to my surprise, the divisional Head of Structuring we chose came from within Canada.

    They apparently came to Extractive Search via their Canadian referral network which made the entire transaction less complicated. Thanks again to ES for all their efforts.

    Global Head of Structuring and Corporate Development

    Mining Major, Canada

  • We used to find it very difficult to source exceptional Geologists and Engineers into our mining investment arm. Extractive Search make it look easy because they scoop them up when they return from overseas having worked on remote mine sites. Leveraging their site contacts, we have been able to build a small but growing team of superstars. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future.


    Private Fund, London

  • When seeking a Corporate Development Manager, I was referred to Extractive Search by our London office after exhausting our channels here in Perth. They found me two candidates very quickly and I could have offered either of them. It was a tough decision but we are very happy with our choice and would like to thank ES for their quick work. Evidently they have a very relevant network for my team and are not bound by geographic restrictions.

    Head of M&A

    Mining Private Equity, Australasia

  • A thorough professional, James manages an exceptional talent acquisition organisation. Its personalised approach, enhanced understanding of client's business specific requirements and detailed assessments of candidates' professional, technical and behavioural competencies results in a world class recruitment experience for candidates it approaches and organisations it serves.

    It will be a pleasure to engage James for all levels of recruitment (entry level, technical to C suite) and conversely happy to be part of any executive search opportunity. Based on my recent personal experience with James I can certainly consider his practice being one of the finest in the sector.

    Aurangzeb Bozdar

    CFO, London.

  • After a three month process with a reputable Executive Search company which did not yield any results, we were referred to Extractive Search by one of our non-execs. We were surprised when they delivered a shortlist in less than a week and very impressed with the quality and relevance of the candidates.

    We needed a new VP M&A to manage one of our funds. They were very hands on throughout and successfully closed the search within three weeks. We will continue to use their services moving forward and look forward to doing so.

    Managing Partner

    Private Equity, London

  • We have worked with Extractive Search for close to a decade. They have always been there to support us through our growth not only here in our London corporate office but also with site positions in South America & Africa.

    They truly have an international network and often surprise me with the level of candidates they produce. Extractive Search have hired many positions over the years into our finance team here in London including our FP&A Manager who has been a successful addition to our growing team. I can’t recommend Extractive Search highly enough because they are energetic and passionate about finding us the best talent available.

    General Manager

    Finance, London

  • Extractive Search headhunted me from the US where I was leading a large team. They caught my wife and I at the right time as our kids had recently left home and we were looking for our next adventure. We hadn’t planned to move to Brazil but after a thorough process and lots of discussion with family things started to feel right so we took the plunge.

    Three years later we are still here and really enjoying the challenge. My wife has settled in with the other expat families and my impact here has been significant. Thank you Extractive Search, in particular for never once selling to us, rather giving us the facts we needed to make the decision.

    General Manager

    Open Cast Mining, Brazil

  • I have worked with James for over five years both on my own career but mostly when building a team in the DRC.  James became my go to person for recruiting finance positions covering a wide range of functions including Financial Reporting, Tax, Treasury, Payroll, AP and Financial Planning.

    He attracted a very high quality of candidate into the Congo by headhunting globally and not relying on job boards. Team fit was very important and James was able to intuit the right matches along with the best technical fit. He also rigorously tested the candidates at first interview stage to make sure they knew what they were getting into with a relocation to Africa.

    Conor O'Brien

    Finance Director, DRC

  • We like to source most of our expat positions internally for cost reasons but when we have exhausted all internal avenues we turn to James for an exclusive headhunting campaign. He doesn’t charge up-front fees, moves very quickly and always provides outstanding candidates.

    Perhaps most impressive is his knowledge about every aspect of our business. I am used to engaging with lots of agencies who specialise in each function but James is able to headhunt into every function which makes it so much easier just having one point of contact for external recruitment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank James for the quality service he has provided to date and look forward to working with him again the future.

    Head of Expatriate Recruitment

    International Gold Mining Company

  • What I like most about Extractive Search is the fact that I never felt like just another candidate or a commodity. James took the time to get to know me and build a relationship with me since 2016. I never felt pressured, and he was always available when I had questions, his insight into the mining industry and professionalism is truly commendable. I am very pleased with Extractive Search, and I will recommend their services to all my colleagues and network.

    Awie Frey

    Engineering Manager, Ghana

  • James actually found me my first board position in 2007 and we have been in touch ever since. In recent years he has helped me build a quality team of expats in Southern Africa.

    We don’t have many vacancies but when we do I always call James because he is quick, professional, honest and always delivers. Most importantly, the matches he has made here have been long lasting which for technical positions is very important. The Mill Manager he found us three years ago has had a dramatic impact at our primary site, he is now training others on our new project so the overall value proposition has been outstanding.


    Junior Gold Mining Business

  • I was impressed with James’ knowledge of Metallurgy and Engineering when he found me my current position of Plant Director. He was also able to brief me on the political and security issues going on in Burkina Faso at that time and work with me to establish whether the risk profile was right for me. It has turned out to be a fantastic move and I couldn’t be happier in my current position where I have been for over two years. If I ever need to recruit, Extractive Search will be my first call.

    Plant Director

    Base Metals, Burkina Faso

  • If you’re looking to start or expand your career as an expat in the mining industry, Extractive Search is quite simply head and shoulders above all other recruitment firms.

    I was contacted by James about a role in the DRC in 2017. James took the opportunity in developing a deep understanding of what I was looking for in my career and what I could offer potential employers in order to assess whether this particular role would be a good fit for both myself and the employer. James was clearly committed to a long term working relationship, moving to the DRC is a decision that one does not take lightly. I was impressed with James’ level of patience, integrity, professional knowledge, and personal touches throughout my on-boarding process. Thank you James!

    Fabian Munn

    Group Financial Controller, DRC

  • If you are looking for new opportunities in the job market , I would strongly recommend Extractive Search.

    I was contacted by James, from Extractive Search, in 2017 for a position as a Supply Chain Manager with a mining company in Mali. This was one the most professional job transitions that I experienced in my career. James made  sure that he fully understood my career history and that it was aligned with the potential employer’s needs.  He ensured that the  interview process  was  also setup  without any problems. During the onboarding process he walked the extra mile to assist with the administrative issues. After I started, he contacted me to ensure everything was going well and that my expectations were met.

    Thank you James for an excellent service. I will definitely make use of Extractive Search again in the future for new opportunities as well as recruitment.

    Francois Le Roux

    Supply Chain Manager, Mali

  • I have been working in the mining industry for well over a decade but I had always wanted to experience working in Africa. I reached out to Extractive Search to help me land my dream job. My experience with them was seamless. They made sure to match my skills and expectations with the right job opportunities They secured several interviews for me very quickly. I am now working in the DRC. Thank you, Extractive Search!!!

    Victor Ayala

    Senior Business Analyst, DRC

  • James and his team placed me here in West Africa as HR Director. Upon arrival the new GM and I identified several key talent gaps among our expat Managers and James was able to help us source all of them. Mine Planning, Cost Engineering, Geology and Security were of particular concern to the board because previously we were not obtaining the results we needed to produce accurate reports or safeguard our people. Now that we have a far stronger team in place we are in good shape to take on the challenges ahead and begin a programme of continuous improvement which Extractive Search will also assist us with.

    Human Resources Director

    Base Metals, West Africa

  • James helped me transition as an expat Finance Manager from oil and gas into mining and it probably would not have been possible without his vision to see the potential in an unusual CV.  I have dealt with a lot of employment agencies as a candidate and recruiter and Extractive Search is by far the best experience that I have encountered; attention to detail, genuinely interested in you as an individual, great insight, professional preparation for interviews and an extensive network of contacts.  If you want to trust your employment moves and recruitment needs to any one firm then Extractive Search is the best in class.

    Doug Ross

    Financial Manager, Mauritania

  • Absolutely fantastic service from the start to finish. I was not even looking for another role when I was contacted by James and he matched me to a suitable role in a mining company who were offering a great professional opportunity. The communication with James was clear and effective, he also gave me useful information and advice before the interviews. I really thank James and the company as they have given me a great step up in my career!

    Jorge Flores Barzola

    Continuous Improvement Engineer, DRC

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