Why partner with Extractive Search?

  • Strength

    Decades in the making and constantly refined, our core USP is our niche network capability.

  • Team quality

    We have functionally qualified recruiters with relevant qualifications such as PhD Engineering, ACMA (Management accounting), Masters in Science, Masters in Electronic Engineering, 1st Degree in Business and Supply Chain. Some of the positions we fill, we could actually do ourselves.

  • Low Attrition

    We hold onto our people through an egalitarian profit share scheme. The net benefit to clients: any time invested in building a relationship with our people is unlikely to be wasted because they stay.

  • Values

    We apply our value system to all of our daily actions, systems and strategy with a triple bottom line focus on results, relationship and reputation. To achieve this balance in a competitive industry we remain committed to trustworthiness, compassion, delivery and fun.

  • Our Referencing

    It is unparalleled because our experienced recruiters personally make those calls to validate and cross reference the claims made by our network. This is why our candidates know to be 100% truthful because anything less will be ultimately fruitless.

  • To open a discussion about strengthening your management team, please request a call back from our company founder James Young: clients@extractivesearch.com.

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What to expect

  • Honesty

    The battle for strong talent is real and in some functions it is all out war. Transparency is the foundation of every dynamic and successful process.

  • Discretion

    Having respect from our network enables us to keep a tight lid on confidential assignments and experience has taught us how to be economic with data and sensitive information.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Target 3 to 8 working days for shortlist delivery, role dependent. We do not make time for tweeting to the masses or blogging our market intel. When you register a search with Extractive we give it our all until the job is done. Our niche network makes our role easier but referencing and fresh due diligence requires a commitment and work ethic that we always deliver.

  • Niche Understanding

    Taking the mine site as an example: the nuances of a specific brief, commodity, team, location, government, compliance quagmire, (and many more variables) then balance that matrix with the candidates' desires and personal circumstances; there is a lot to process. Fortunately we know our markets and network so well, we are able to make such matches very quickly and turn around shortlists in a matter of days.

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