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our values | Extractive Search

Giving back to emerging economies
Aligning our network to companies who uphold corporate and social responsibility is an extremely important principle of Extractive Search. While our operations and assets cannot add the same physical value to emerging economies as many of our clients, we have chosen to support a charity whose actions are invaluable to developing countries throughout Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific region.

We have committed to raising awareness for Mercy Ships while gifting 10% of all company profits.

For further information on our charity of choice, please visit:


Our Values

We seek to create long term value in all of its forms for those in and connected to our business. We commit to doing so through hard work, honest feedback, playing to our strengths, and the pursuit of excellence.

Executive search on a global level has many considerations beyond talent identification. We recognise that our network is a collection of people with complex drivers and diverse ambitions.

Our mandates often involve moving executives from one continent to another, a responsibility that we do not take lightly. From the negotiation of school fees to selling against opportunities and environments that are not conducive to children, transparency and commitment to due diligence are values we believe fundamental to growing a network based on trust.

This attention to detail and commitment to trust are also essential when consulting our network members on whether a rotation position in a robust environment is suitable for their lifestyle. In a similar vein, consulting a CXO level candidate on their penultimate career move, potentially laying the foundation for their retirement, is a privilege we not only enjoy but treat with care and discretion.

Overall, our ambition is to integrate these values into our daily operations while working at pace to become an integral part of executive search across the global extractive markets.