for clients | Extractive Search
for clients | Extractive Search

“{Extractive Search} have worked in partnership with our business for the last twelve months and have been retained to help me build a cross functional management team for our newly created London office. Having one point of contact for a variety of roles was excellent. We have enjoyed our relationship with our point of contact who has a surprising depth of knowledge, not only about our sector but each department and how they fit together.”CEO, Commodity Trading – Fortune 500 Company, London

“Identifying expatriates with the core skills we require has previously been extremely challenging. Not only has the market been tight but we had struggled to identify key people who are willing to relocate and live in remote parts of Africa. Thanks to the efforts of {Extractive Search} we are now able to identify skilled management among a community of expatriates who specifically seek assignments in Africa.”HRD, Mining Company – Central Africa

“I first came across ES when they approached me as a candidate. While I was not looking for a role, I engaged them on three mandates for our group spanning three continents – focussing on treasury, finance and human resources. They executed each mandate far quicker than we had anticipated and we were very pleased with the service and results. I endorse them fully and will be using them again”Global CFO, Midstream Company – Middle East

For Clients

Our unique network allows Extractive Search to deliver complex and specialist searches in extremely tight timeframes.

Having a niche focus places our partners at the very heart of our client target market. The benefits are obvious upon engagement and evident in our language and understanding of the extractive value chain. Put simply, we read the same journals and attend the same conferences.

Our testing tools include a suite of options which we can tailor to each search if required. We are able to interpret and deliver this data through clear, relevant and straight forward presentations.

Our testimonials often highlight one of our main strengths, the level of time and commitment we dedicate to each mandate. Although we use a combination of search methodologies old and new, time and network capability still remain the corner stones of executive search. By choosing to retain our services, our clients receive both in abundance.